Upgrade to our precision Speed Control Unit with a choice of dc motors.



Photos credited to Tamás Skopkó



Two speed push button control



With superior ease of use and outstanding accuracy, our speed control units are second to none, and the comments from our customers confirm this.

This upgrade includes our precision Speed Control Unit, DC Motor, Power lead and connect lead, plastic strobe disc, new circular label to hide the holes where the original switch was.

A choice of quality motors



A new Sapphire bearing and a drop of our bearing oil will greatly improve your turntable performance.



The strobe disc arrived, I’ve set the correct speeds with it in just a couple of seconds. :-) After some more hours of burn-in I can still confirm that the upgrade was a huge step forward to exploit the potentials of the Funk Vector turntable, and thank you very much for your work with the upgrade and supplying the bearing oil. I think it is a huge step up compared the former state: it sounds more stable, more defined. Tamás. S - Budapest, Hungary.

  More upgrades soon.  

We reserve the right to change specification without notice.

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