SUSPENSION UNITS ('Pete's Pylons', named after the designer)

We are now able to supply SUSPENSION UNITS for these highly acclaimed turntables.

If your suspension has started to sag or you think the sound is not what it was, then it is probably time to replace the suspension.

'Pete’s Suspension Upgrade' can best be described as a Lattice Truss Suspension System (LTSS) and is now available as an upgrade for J A Michell Orbe and Gyro turntables. A truss is a structure that takes advantage of the inherent stability and weight distribution of a triangle. In the LTSS, o-rings are employed to create this configuration, giving the system substantially more lateral as well as vertical stability, while allowing for perfect balance alignment.

Ever since the first truss structures were employed in Ancient Egypt and across the entire Roman Empire, this structure has become integral to modern architecture. We have copied this well proven structure design and used it to improve the performance of the J A Michell turntable.


   Please click on the link below to see the video on how to install them: -




 These superb kits are offered with the following options : -

18 off O-rings fitted as standard, (also optional spares available).

3 off large PTFE washers, (no longer supplied, please use the original ones supplied with the turntable).

3 off Sorbothane pads 8 dia' x 3mm thick (optional).

3 off  'Top-Nuts', supplied as standard.

3 off  'Bases', supplied as standard.

3 off Ceramic Balls, plus an extra one for use in the main turntable bearing (optional).

Please note: - Adjusting Rod is not included.



Measuring the Suspension Mounting holes : -   

  Please click on the link below to see the video of how to measure the suspension mounting holes.


The hole diameters in the Michell turntable chassis vary, so we now machine the suspension mounts (Pete's Pylons) to optimum diameters that will fit the vast majority of Michell turntables. However if customers still want their Pylons to be bespoke, then we will still offer to machine them to their preferred diameter's at no extra charge.







Comments : -

Hi all, Have now upgraded my Odyssey to Pete's pylons, armboard with brass inserts and new feet. What follows is ALL subjective, with the benefit of late 60's ears. All these mod's have been very welcome, with increased and better defined bass output. Overall soundstage has improved. DSOTM by the Floyd has never sounded better. Instruments played in a chamber setting appear to have improved separation. Probably a function of improved midrange.Thanks to Peter for all his efforts. Now it's just the motor and housing to tweak and the project is finished. Time to go through my Edizione Vivaldi on vinyl, which sounds wonderful btw. Yes, all 10 boxes !!!! For anyone still sitting on the fence re: these upgrades, go for it. You will not be disappointed. Back to the cool of my basement. Tad

I think that they are better in every way, no butchering of the table to accomplish what this accomplishes with a little more thought, and of course the savings can not be overstated. I don't see where any other mod can now be a benefit, this seems to have taken it to the last level, any thing else would be tweaking to satisfy whether or not that there is more to be had.

"Thank you so much for this perfect product at a cost that is pennies compared to the results".

Warm Regards, Donald Troise.  USA.

Having had these bad boys for a couple of weeks now and feel l have a handle on them l only thought it appropriate to put pen to paper and spread the love of this upgrade...….

Having felt that the springs on my maxxed out Gyrodec could be bettered (they ring like a cow bell), it is like waiting for a bus- two quite similar products in principle come along at the same time.

They are made of Delrin which has superb vibration properties and 0 rubber rings, they were easy to fit and machined superbly basically the Pylons replace the spring suspension and this is the important part- stop the platter, moving from side to side, fitted in no time at all- and best of all passes by the dreaded 'Gyrodec bounce' and just levelling the deck is all that was required, so sat down to listen and listen...……. and listen..... B'Jesus, the solidity, imaging has taken a very large step forward W&F is way down, this in turn gives a deeper more 3D effect, tonal colourings are also up, the feeling of the deck sounding calmer and being in total control of the record is very, very, obvious, oh and the backgrounds are a LOT blacker, dynamics are up and this brings a strange sensation that the sound is louder (however this is due the blacker backgrounds)…. l could go on and on, but am going to listen to more records.

 l know of no other upgrade to my Gyro that has given me this lift in sound quality (and trust me l have done a lot). If you are thinking of upgrading your Gyro/Orbe or was thinking of moving on from them you simply have to try this upgrade.

This upgrade is awesome! Sound is better defined across the spectrum, soundstage has opened up and leading edges are clean. More detail....

Sounds like a new TT, seriously. Gary C. Wallasey

I've had Pete's Pylons set up for five days now. Very, very interesting. They do some things that I'm not even sure how to verbalize. Yes, there is more detail, but it's not the analytical type detail that hits you over the head. It's presented in a more and natural fashion that invites you in to listen more closely.
I'm especially pleased at what the Pylons do to the tonal balance. Bass is firm and full, well defined.
The steeliness that 'hot' recordings could bring out has vanished. I can actually listen to Steely Dan on my Gyro now without my ears bleeding!
I would have to say that they have changed my Gyro from an often metallic sounding machine to an organic musical beast!
I have owned my Gyro SE for two decades. In that time I've made many upgrades and changes to the table, but thes Pylons have been the single largest and best improvement that I've made, and at a very affordable price!
March 2019

Just fitted my new arm board from Pete......Wow.
There was a big improvement with Pete's Pylons and fitting ceramic balls in place of the stock steel balls. The whole musical spectrum was dramatically improved, timing, detail, mids jumping out at you, (in a very nice way). The bass was really tightened up with very little bloom and a syrupy smooth treble.
The arm board has given me more of a the above. There is no bloom to the bass now and the music seems to have speeded up, even though the arm board has no effect on speed. The mids are hanging in the air like the singer is there. Stereo image is now into the next room, it's that wide and instrument placement is wonderful. Altogether the turntable sounds like the good parts of CD playback, ie. Background noise has disappeared, tracks like a train on rails. Plus there is all of vinylsattribute making it sound perfect.
I can honestly say now, my vinyl set up is as good as just about any system I've heard, and I've heard a few.
This upgrade is a simple no brainer if you have a Gyrodec, it really is astonishingly fantastic.
Every time I drop the stylus now, I just sit there with a daft grin on my face.
Plus Pete is a real gent.....a bloody genius to boot. 1000 % recommended.
I'll put pictures of the upgrades soon.
Thanks Pete,

Vince      AOS 16-10-2019  uk. Posted Tuesday at 17:10 (edited)

Hi fellow vinylists,

The first was Pete's pylons which are machined Delrin posts that use high quality rubber O' rings in place of the metal springs the platter rests on. The improvements aren't subtle, separation, stereo width and height, bass is so much tighter and deeper, mids just hang in the air and the treble is sweet as. Very easy to fit and the improvements are instant, no run in etc.

Then comes his arm board platter, brass inserts in an acrylic board. All the improvements of the pylons, only greater improvements, a huge jump in performance. Again a piece of cake to fit and it looks good too, if that matters to you. 

I'm not being paid by Pete to write this as I only found out about these upgrades through a friend. If you own a GyroDec, I cannot emphasize the size of the improvements to an already brilliant deck. he's a lovely bloke to deal with as well and I wish him all best for the future.

Vince wham.  UK

  Above is Pete's IPR certificate for the design of the suspension Pylons. Pryor to receiving the certificate Pete has photographic evidence of the progress in the design of the Pylons during the previous years.



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