'MIDAS' and 'MIDAS Plus' Speed Control Unit

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This is Philippe's special project high end turntable, it's no light weight, the platter alone has a mass of 13Kg. He has the Midas Plus speed control system to control it.


The Midas Plus has a 250 VA toroidal transformer with a mass of 3.5Kg this gives the turntable a unique sense of audible dynamism and presence.

Philippe has got the wow and flutter down to 0.07 and is continuing with his quest to get it to 0.03 - 0.05 and better.

All of of our Speed Control Units can be pre-set for use with 110V or 240V. Please state on your order which you require.

Please click on the following link to see Philippe's special turntable and 'Midas Plus' speed control.



(please note the blue power light appears to be flashing in the video, in reality it is not, it is caused by an anomaly of the camera shutter speed and the mains frequency)



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