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Specialising in Pink Triangle and Michell Turntables and offering a complete hi-fi analogue service

The above photos are of True Point Audio's Gyrodec featurng a 12" PU7 tonearm together with Pete's Pads, Pylons, Acrylic Platter and Acrylic Armboard all sitting on our Acrylic Platform.

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     True Point Audio can make your Stone, Slate or Marble plinth to fit your turntable chassis.

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Acrylic platters

Dr Richard Stevenson - Freelance science and technology journalist writes: -

'The most noticeable improvement with the platter is its ability to extract much more information from the record in a musical manner. Tracks you thought you knew well can now feature more instruments; or you get better insights into how the musicians are playing together. The soundstage also improves, while the bottom end is more nuanced. I can't think of any downsides when I introduced this the new platter to my Gyrodec, which had been already modified with Pete's pylons, Pete's pads, a superior power supply for the motor, and an acrylic armboard to support my Technoarm A equipped with a Benz MircoGlider L2 cartridge. I'm starting to really appreciate the platter. Listening to music from concerts, I always felt the audience claps and cheers muddled - and that was just how it was. Now they are well-defined. If that's what's happening to these somewhat irrelevant sounds, that's very encouraging'.

The new 'Midas Plus' Speed Control Unit has a 250 VA toroidal transformer, giving even further improved performance. 

We have taken the MIDAS speed control unit to an even higher performance level by driving it with a 250 VA toroidal transformer.

The 'Plus' unit has a mass of 3.8 Kg.

Please click on the following link to see Philippe's special turntable and 'Midas Plus' speed control.

(please note the blue power light appears to be flashing in the video, in reality it is not, it is caused by an anomaly of the camera shutter speed and the mains frequency)

All of of our Speed Control Units can be pre-set for use with 110V or 240V. Please state on your order which you require.

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Have a look at Bruno's Midas Plus driving his Avid Volvere at his home in Canada.

Click on the following link to see Youtube video: -


We are pleased to announce that we are able to supply our customers with the superb Ophidian speakers.

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Click here and Have a look at the 14" SME tonearm and modified Technics turntable we made for the British Library to play 20" discs.

Chris' piano black PT Anni, with the latest push button MIDAS+ speed control unit.


Pete's Pylons


Upgraded Suspension Units for the Orbe and Gyrodec.

These are by far the best upgrade that you can give your Gyrodec or Orbe.

The improvement in sound is outstanding.

Its the best value for money upgrade you can treat you turntable to.

We are so sure that you will agree with us that we are offering a money back guarantee if you are not pleased with the result.



Great news for Gyrodec and Orbe owners. We have been able to reduce the price of the suspension units to 150.00/set.

We previously included a full set of spare o-rings, four ceramic balls and sorbothane pads which many of our customers said they felt they were unnecessary.

Also the Base of the suspension unit that locates in the counter-bored hole in the turntable chassis is machined to a size that will fit both the Gyrodec and the Orbe, saving the hassle of customers having to measure them, and it cuts down on production costs.

The component parts are also machined to the optimum size to fit all Gyrodecs and Orbes, so there is no need to measure the diameter of the mounting holes in the turntable chassis.

So we are now offering the basic set for 150, or if you want the spare o-rings, ceramic balls, the sorbothane pads and the made to measure Bases, then the price is 200.00

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MIDAS technology

Click on the link above to find out more.

Give your turntable the golden touch.


The new video of our Precision Speed Control unit can be viewed by clicking on the following link : -

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Now included FOC with our Speed Control Unit package.




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Marc's beautiful 'Ultimate Upgrade' PT Ian's PT Anniversary with his MIDAS speed control.
Neil's PT1 Alan's much upgraded Gyrodec
Nev's Gyrodec with TPA speed control unit Nev's set-up
Martin's PT Export Kevin's Gyrodec with True Point's speed control unit
Peter K's Ultimate Upgrade Anni' Derek's PT1 with Isolation Feet & Record Clamp
Christophe's 'Big Pink Thing' for tonearms up to 12" long Alan's Gyrodec with illuminated acrylic platter
Pete's Michell Gyrodec Charles's PT 1
Chris's PT Export Alessandro's PT Export


For all your Pink Triangle Turntable needs

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Have a look at the 14" SME tonearm and modified Technics turntable we made for the British Library.

SME tonearms, they don't get much bigger than this. The one shown above is a 14.5" special that started out as an SME 3009. The SME 3009 S2 Improved also shown in the photo is there to show the scale of the monster above it.

Please contact us if you have any similar conversions that you would like us to do for you.

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Any international sales may have import duties to be paid by our customer. True Point Audi Ltd is not liable for these charges. 

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